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Belize Birding

If Birding is your passion, you are sure to have a special Belize vacation experience. Characterized by extensively varied native habitats, the recorded avifauna of Belize now exceeds 600 species. Lowland and submontane Broadleaf Forests, Pine Woodlands, numerous rivers and streams, all combine to create environments which are ornithlogically productive. The visitor can expect to experience such striking species as the Crested Eagle, Harpy Eagle, Ornate Hawk-Eagle, and Ocellated Turkey.

Experience the unique Belizean eco-system of the Maya Mountains, with splendid 125 square mile Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve, a habitat containing such distinctive species as the Orange-breasted Falcon, Emerald Toucanet, Nightingale Wren, and the resident Grace's Warbler. 

A further dimension of your trip to Belize is the accessibility of Tikal National Park in Guatemala. Tikal comprises approximately 222 square miles of varied and relatively undisturbed habitats, e.g., Open Grassland Savanna (Little Tinamou, Grey-headed Kite, Rufous-breasted Spinetail); Riparian Wood Lands (Boat-billed Heron, Amazon Kingfisher); Lake Peten-Itza (Bare-throated Tiger-Heron, Ruddy Crake). We have several well recognized guides and our Birding Belize Vacation will provide a good opportunity to experience the birds of Belize.Many experienced Belize resorts specialize in providing knowledgable birding guides to insure your Belize vacation is highlighted by many exotic bird sightings. Your Belize vacation can be special in many ways, and our experience and knowledge of Belize will insure your Belize vacation is all you want it to be. There are many of the finest Belize resorts and hotel that specialize in providing expertly guided birding tours throughout Belize and to Tikal, Guatemala.

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