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Belize Jungle Trekking

If you like to experience nature’s abundance as part of your Belize vacation, trekking (hiking) is surely the way to go. Take a step back in time. Belize has thousands of trails leading through natural rainforests and along ancient rivers. You can take a dip in your very own crystal clear pool beneath a cascading waterfall. Ponder the diversity of wildlife while experiencing the antics of the tree dwelling howler monkeys, or the stunning beauty of the Blue Morf Butterfly with its exotically blue wings. Watch the Toucans as the busily fly from tree to tree. Belize tour guides are available to explain the abundance of the forest and how a great deal is used for medicinal purposes. Learn the ancient lure, and the facts that bring the Maya much closer to us. Make your Belize vacation very special and follow your instincts into the rainforest. San Ignacio and Toledo have many fine Belize resorts that are in the heart of the pristine jungle for a perfect Belize vacation. 

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