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Belize Caving

Much of the interior of Belize sits atop limestone deposits and cave formations waiting to be explored. In some caves you will see the remnants of the mighty Maya civilization. Cayo District near the picturesque town of San Ignacio and the fantastic Toledo District in the south are the most popular Belize vacation caving areas.

Whether you feel the lure of Indiana Jones or the call of the lost Maya, Belize caving can be a great way to experience the unusual. At Barton Creek you can glide slowly by canoe through a cave as natural light descends and imagine the ancient past as it once was. West of San Ignacio you can explore Checham Hah where actual artifacts can be seen on the cave floor. If you are more into a challenging adventure there is the ATM adventure tour (Actun Tunichil Muknal). To reach the cave requires  hiking and some swimming. The cave has natural Maya artifacts that have been intentionally undisturbed. When you are ready to visit Belize, our expert Belize Vacation Planners and advisors  are here for you. Allow us to assist locating the perfect Belize resort or hotel for the pefect Belize vacation.

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