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Many fine Belize hotels and resorts are in the heart of Maya country with archaeological sites nearby. Experience the majesty of the ancient Maya as well as the thrill of jungle adventure with cave tubing, zip lining, and horseback riding on one fantastic Belize vacation.

A significant part of Belize is its history and connection to the ancient Maya. There are many excavated Maya sites and many as nature has left them for over a 1000 years. The Maya civilization began its ascent approximately 1500 B.C. and this complicated civilization continued to flourish until its eventual decline around 900 A.D. Consider that the Maya had a concept of zero in their mathematics long before Europeans. Their ability to map the stars and produce an accurate calendar is truly astonishing. What caused the actual decline is still hotly debated. No one actually knows. What we have left of the Maya civilization today is certainly enough to provoke a great deal of thought and wonder at their accomplishments.

The ancient temples towering above the jungle makes one wonder how they could have achieved such intricate and accurate architecture so long ago without modern tools. There are many Maya sites in Belize where you can witness firsthand the majesty of the Maya. The temples are truly a wonder to behold. You will find archeological sites throughout Belize. The order of significance of the various sites is subjective. Each has a unique place in Maya history.  There is also Tikal located in Guatemala relatively near the Belize border in Cayo District near San Ignacio. It is believed that at the height of the civilization (200 A.D. to 900 A.D.), the Maya population in Belize was near one million. That is a startling comparison considering today’s population of Belize is just under 300,000. Thousands of people with Maya heritage remain living in Belize today. Enhance your Belize vacation by selecting a fabulous Belize resort in this jungle region.

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