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"I am very pleased with your support. The overall visit went great. We liked everything about Belize and our trip. I must say you were exceptional in your responsiveness, your availability and customer focus. Expect repeat business from me."
- Ajit P., S. Windsor, CT

"I wanted to thank you for arranging my accommodations and itinerary for me in Belize. Everyone, every step of the way, was polite, courteous, and helpful. My accommodations at Banana Beach were superb! I certainly traveled in style. My bed was the most comfortable bed Iíve ever slept in. The highlight of my trip was my visit to Tikal, Guatemala. Our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about the ruins and the flora and fauna of the forest, as well as being articulate and passionate about his country. Ecologic divers are the safest and most professional dive outfitters I have used in my 39 years of sport diving. It turned out to be the best vacation of my life. From beginning to end, my experiences with everyone involved were professional, friendly and safe. I feel truly blessed. I now understand why some people go back to the same destination every year. Iíve found a second home Ė and itís in Belize. I know the winds of fortune will blow me back there again. Thanks for everything!"
- Brad, Brooklyn Park, MN

"Your plans you made for me were seamless. No troubles with nothing. Which made my visit to Belize become an adventure as well as a vacation. At Ramon's and duPlooy's both staffs solid and fun. Hello, yes and thank you, were used extensively. Great places to stay. Ric with the dive shop adjusted "in and out" some of the pre-paid dives, again taken care of. The morning birds and the evening kinkajou at duPlooy's was a splendor. The ATM cave trip was truly a human experience. Thanks again for your help. "
- Brad S., Concord, CA

"We had a great trip. All the arrangements you made for us were great. Your assistance was phenomenal. I started off trying to make the arrangements which wasn't working and I did try one other vacation planner but I didn't find him very helpful and excessively expensive. The responses I got from you were very informative and timely, and, now having taken the vacation, were exactly what we were looking for. Duploy's was excellent good food and the tours gave us a real taste of the jungle. As always it is the people that really make a vacation and starting with you we found all the Belizeans we meet very friendly and informative. We not only will absolutely be using your services when we travel to Belize again but we will also be recommending your services to any of friends and acquaintances who are planning a trip there. Thanks for all you help. "
- Brian, Canada

"Thank you so much for making our Belize trip wonderful. The Banana Beach Resort was just great Ė relaxing and friendly people with a great restaurant too. We did six dives and all were fabulous. We fell in love with Belize and are already planning another trip. No more Cozumel or Cancun thatís for sure. Thanks again and I will definitely recommend your company and you for anyone who might want to go to Belize."
- Dan and Mary, Creswell, OR

"We loved Belize! especially our time in the Jungle. Although it was hot, what we saw and experienced was much better than anything we could have experienced anywhere else. We took advantage of going to Tikal and it was all handled well and smoothly. It was probably the high light of the trip. We also loved swimming and tubing in the river. It was soooo refreshing. The people of Belize are just great and we felt it was genuine. The fact that they all spoke English and the money exchange was easy helped a lot too. The food was great at the resort [duPlooy's Jungle Lodge] and the fact that they had Wi-Fi available was great too. Probably the only negative was that there were no handrails and the rocks got slippery in the rain. You (your organization) were great! and the arrangements superb and everything worked out well. Thanks for your help! You made me look like a hero since I found you and you suggested the Jungle! "
- David and Gretchen, Santa Barbara, CA

"As for the trip as a whole, it was just as we both imagined it would be, except for not booking more time there. I would highly recommend your services to anyone at anytime. In fact there have been several people here in Iraq that have inquired about our trip and the professional services provided. Breaking down our wonderful trip starting with duplooyís jungle lodge was totally outstanding in regards to each detail of such fine service. Our memoirs will last forever with such a adventurist 4 days plus all the new friends, which were reestablished again at Ramonís village Resort. Rosetta thoroughly enjoyed her experience with snorkeling for the first time and I was very excited when she chose to venture into learning to dive. With another trip she and I will be able to make those dives together. Ramonís resort was simply great, each morning brought another glorious day of fun in the sun, shopping and just enjoying the Island with our new friends. We canít say enough about the professional service that was provided from the start of our trip to the very end. Thanks guys for all the great memoirs and pictures, but most of all thanks to all the staff and guides there at each location. I can promise you that there will be a return trip in the future, so keep your eyes open for us. "
- Doyle and Rosetta C., Douglasville, GA

"Just wanted you to know we had a great trip. All connections were smooth -- great people, country and experiences. Thanks for setting us up."
- Dr. Charles B., N.C.

"I just returned from 2 marvelous weeks in Belize. The lodging and tours you arranged were absolutely perfect to our needs and interests. The scuba diving was first rate and the hotel perfect. I want to congratulate Bob Jones' Belize Holidays for your professionalism and dedication to your clients. You proved a wealth of information leading up to our decision of where to go and where to stay. When we arrived in Belize and your agent met us at the airport for no other reason than to escort us to our next flight to San Pedro, I knew your company was special. I couldn't believe it, but you also contacted us during our trip to make sure everything was going well. I travel a great deal, and I have never had such good service. Thanks and I wish you continued success. We will be back."
- Dr. John A. DDS, Baltimore, MD USA

"For the record, I think you run an excellent service- I felt like I was using a luxury travel agent without paying the cost. Iíll be sure to tell my friends about Bob Jonesí Belize Holidays as well."
- Erin K., Chicago, IL

"We just came back from a great 8 days in paradise! Just wanted to let you know all went well and we had the best vacation ever! Thank you so very much for taking good care of everything."
- Fred and Dina, Long Beach, CA

"We had a great trip. Everything went very smoothly and we are very pleased with your excellent service. Thanks so much for all the attention to detail to help us plan a wonderful trip. I have great memories of our week there."
- Gisela, Milwaukee, WI

"I had a fabulous time in Belize, thanks to you and the service that comes with Bob Jones Belize Holidays. Everything went very smoothly. Iíve never had a more enjoyable trip. There was nothing I didnít like about the service you provided. You provided us with excellent service every step of the way, and are a part of the wonderful memory I have of my trip to Belize. I have already recommended you to another Caribbean traveler, and will continue to rave about you and BJBH to other friends, family and acquaintances."
- Jan, Milwaukee, WI

"Drew left yesterday to go back to Afghanistan and I'm getting back into the work routine. I can honestly say that your company made our vacation very relaxing. Mostly because everything was schedule as planned and we knew exactly what to expect from your welcome letter. That made us reassured that we would be safe in the unfamiliar area. The people were amazingly friendly, especially with their well-spoken English. Our new favorite dish is Ceviche from Divino's Restaurant, and the best Bloody Marys are at the Holiday Hotel. As far as San Pedro itself, it is the best island we've experienced. It was the people and the way the island is still untouched by massive commercialism. It wasn't "touristy". It has it's own culture, and the cobble stone and gravel roads make it homey. I especially liked the golf cart transportation and the open-air baggage claim at the airport. I do hope the island stays as it is for a long time. The excursions we booked were wonderful. We added the zip-line at the last minute and I'm so glad we did. We did not get to dive because of the rough water but with everything else we did, we are not disappointed. It was great to have the flexibility to schedule the excursions at our convenience with them being paid in advance. On one of our days exploring the island we came across the Reef Village. Being so relaxed (and on 'island time') we gave them the opportunity to tell us about the resort because it was so inviting. After everything was presented we made the decision to buy a time share. We are looking forward to traveling there in August with family (and maybe a wedding????), when Drew has his next vacation . Overall it was the best vacation we've had. And it started with our correspondences since last year. Thank you for your patience and keeping in touch since then because without that, this vacation may not have happened. "
- Jenee and Drew, Walton Beach, FL

"I recently return from Costa Rica and I suppose you might find it strange for me to be writing you a year after our trip to Belize. However, on the plane home from San Jose, my wife and I were comparing the service we had with Bob Jones' Belize Holidays last year and the service we received on this trip, and we knew we had to give you a long overdo thanks. You guys were absolutely terrific, and maybe it took another experience to make us realize how great your service actual was. We are planning next year's vacation back to Belize, and we look forward to once again having you handling all the arrangements. Belated thanks."
- Jerome G., Manhattan, NY, NY. USA

"We had a great time. Everything went smoothly, and we didn't have to worry about a thing. Thanks for all your help."
- Josh, New York, NY

"We both had a wonderful time. Thanks for the great time. The people at Banana Beach were phenomenally friendly and greeted us with a smile every day. "
- Karri, Ohio

"It was the most wonderful vacation we have ever had. Thank you for all your help, and we cannot wait to get back to your beautiful wonderland again. "
- Kathy, Delaware

"Thank you for all you have done to make this the best vacation we have every had. It was two marvelous weeks."
- Kathy and Terry B., Delaware, USA

"I just had to let you know our trip to Belize was terrific. I am so glad we took your advice and split our trip between the cayes and the rainforest. We would never have known what Belize was all about otherwise. Anyway, it was a great trip and everything was just as you said it would be. We appreciate all you did for us to make the trip a success. You can count on us using Bob Jones' Belize Holidays for our next trip. The service was the best. "
- Kitty H., Abingdon, MD USA

"Thanks for all the great preparation you put into my family vacation. After many weeks of talking to your agent Alen, I began to feel very comfortable with the suggestions and recommendations he made. The vacation was a great success. How surprised I was to have Alen actually call me after I returned to make sure I had a great time. Now that is service. Thanks many times over."
- Lisa, Barnaby, BC Canada

"We had a FANTASTIC time in Belize! We were very impressed with the quality and the value of the package you put together for us. Your personal touches were especially appreciated as I admit to some intimidation when it comes to planning international dive trips. Everything went great with the transfers to San Pedro. Banana Beach was perfect for us as was the seaward facing 3rd story room. I slept in the living room with the ocean breeze on my face every night. I've not relaxed like this in at least 10 years. The place was clean, comfortable and the restaurant was really quite good. The people were especially friendly. This was the case pretty much every where we went. Unlike in Mexico, we felt as though the Belizeans were happy to have us there and honestly welcomed us as guests. The dive company was very good as well. The dive masters were among the best we've had anywhere. Ö The blue hole trip was beyond my expectations. Again the dive company provided us with a first class professional trip with our safety in mind, especially considering the extreme depth of our blue hole dive. We were also taken to Half Moon Caye, which is quite famous. We were not disappointed! The two Half Moon dives were spectacular and the health and vitality of the reef was what I had hoped for. The treatment we received on the boat was far beyond anything I had anticipated. Excellent food, beverages . . .. We had a very nice lunch on Half Moon. SO as I said, we had a wonderful trip and owe it to your excellent planning and follow-up. No other place on Ambergris worked with us to provide an acceptable package. In fact the planing with you went so smoothly that we were a little worried about what we would find when we reached Belize. We will definitely plan our next Belize trip through you."
- Mark, Carmel, IN

"I had a great time in San Pedro, the Hotel was excellent and the diving was among the best I have ever done. I am definitely recommending your services as well as Banana Beach and Amigos del Mar. I also really enjoyed the trip to Lamanai. If I get back to this part of the world I will be in contact. Quick question for next time. The Golf Course 2 Caye's over is it public or private as I would be interested in playing there on another trip?"
- Mark J., Dulles, VA

"Our vacation was wonderful. We loved it and saw amazing things. Robert's Grove was fantastic, they upgraded our room without asking for it and the property/staff was just splendid. The dive shop was great as well and the dive equipment brand new. They change it out yearly apparently. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see whale sharks. We made 4 attempts but no luck. Regardless these dives were just amazing and super cool. We saw dolphins, bull sharks, etc. My quest for the whale sharks continues. The little intra-island flights were a lot of fun and we learned about Caye Caulker, we would like to check that out next time. San Pedro was a lot of fun and very different from down south. We liked it very much too. Ramonís is a beautiful property and in a great location. Our room was clean and comfortable. The Blue Hole is definitely a must and just amazing. Thank you so much for all the planning. We very much found our trip a big success! We are spreading the word about Bob's Belize Vacations. We're a little down right now because we would prefer to be in Belize rather than work! "
- Michelle and Josh, Kirkland, WA

"We had the time of our lives in Belize. It was everything you said it would be plus some. In fact we truly believe it was one of the best vacations we have taken. We did the Blue Hole and words alone cannot explain how spectacular it was. We went para-sailing, jogging on the beach every day, cave tubing, zip lining, hiking, 4 wheeling, fishing, snorkeling and swimming, with a beach BBQ to top it off. We had such a good time we are going back next year. Ramonís Village was also very much enjoyable and affordable. The employees at the resort were awesome. People say when you go to Belize you make friends for life, you really do. Your company, Bob Jones' Belize Holidays, is second to none Bill. All I can say to those that are thinking about going somewhere is that they will remember Belize for a lifetime. THE BEST TIME A PERSON COULD EVER HAVE!!! "
- Mike and Dr. Jane, Chicago, IL

"Our trip to Belize was one of the most exciting vacations we have ever been on, the sites, the weather, the people and San Pedro was just awesome! The Belizian people are so welcoming! Your services for helping us plan the best trip of our life so far was incredible. Thank you! "
- Randy and Darnel, Villa Grove, IL

"The Barrier Reef was the best diving we have ever done, and that includes Hawaii (Kauai, Oahu, Big Island) and Cancun. Our palapa was right on the white sand, and we just needed to walk across the pier to meet our dive master. The Jungle was amazing . . . the beauty is unparalleled. I would recommend Bob Jones' Belize Holidays without hesitation."
- Reba and Stephanie, Long Beach, CA

"This is just a brief note to tell you how great the vacation to Ambergris Caye (did I spell it correctly?) was. Hubby dived all week, the kids and I had a blast on the beach and at the pool. It couldn't have been better. Your Welcome to Belize Packet really came in handy. Will do it again."
- Susan, Winchester, VA USA

"We had a wonderful time! I woke up this am wondering when I can go back. Charlie is a happy traveler, too. The room was great - quiet, clean, comfortable. We felt very safe. The diving was awesome. Our dive crew, Eric and Louis, were attentive, fun, and really made sure that we knew what we were doing and were safe. We saw sharks, rays, turtles, and lots of other good stuff. Take care, and thanks again!"
- Susan H., San Luis Obispo, CA

"I think you did a wonderful job. The hotel was great. The staff was very friendly and they went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed. They had our next days schedule ready to go when we walked in the door that night. What I really liked about using your services is that everything was paid for and ready to go for us. there was no thinking about anything. I have told everybody that San Pedro is a wonderful place and I have told them that going through your company is the way to go... I have successfully talked my mom and aunt into coming next year so I plan on tagging along.. Now I have to figure out how to retire there. Thanks againfor all the help and the great customer service you provided."
- Terri, Elgin, Texas

"My wife and I are leaving next week on the trip your organized to San Pedro and San Ignacio, Belize. Even though we have not as much as stepped foot on the plane, we want to share our thoughts with you. You have been patiently working with us for over 4 months while we tried to make up our minds as to what we actually wanted to do and where we wanted to go. I know you have spent untold hours answering questions, and always professionally and with understanding. The written information I received from you was beyond what anyone should expect. You even wrote us a lengthy Trip Fact Sheet that was personally written just for our complicated itinerary. I had never experienced that kind of service before, and it was your dedication and sincere concern for us that finally convinced us that I was going to Belize. Thanks for all your help and great advice. I look forward to meeting you in Belize."
- Terry L., Anchorage, AA, USA

"I first met Bob Jones 25 years ago when first visiting Belize. Bob arranged a hotel for my family and a dugout dory to get us up river to the hotel. For the last 11 years I have operated a little lodge in Bullet Tree Falls. Bob has been the backbone of the travel industry. He is always available to assist travelers in his heart warmingly humorous manner. He knows Belize, and he is a wealth of information on Belize. Anyone who is considering a Belize vacation should definitely contact Bob Jones' Belize Holidays and gain the expert service and knowledge that only Bob Jones can provide."
- Theo, Bullet Tree Falls, Belize

"We had a great trip. It couldn't have gone off smoother. The Bob Jones Belize Holiday staff asked all the right questions of what my family and I expected of a vacation, and put it together far beyond my expectations. We had a great hotel in San Pedro and San Ignacio. The connections between the two went off perfectly, and the tour to Tikal was great. We felt as though we had VIP treatment, and we will definitely do it again."
- Thomas, Houston, Texas USA

"We are leaving Belize tomorrow. It is a beautiful country. I am extremely impressed with all of your arrangements. I couldn't be happier. I think you did a great job, better than any other agent I have ever dealt with. Believe me, I have very high expectations. Having said that, I will recommend you to all of my friends. Thanks again for all of your help."
- Tram, New Providence, N.J.

"We had a great time on our trip. Ramonís Village - enjoyed the atmosphere. There were fancier rooms around but none had the "tropical" feeling. The service and staff were very friendly and capable. I would recommend them to friends. Bob Jones Belize Holidays you were very hands-on and helpful in planning and facilitating the change in plans. I have no reservations in recommending your firm to others. Thanks!"
- Walter C., Natchitoches, LA

"The trip was fabulous. Everything went off without any problems; except we tipped the canoe in the river and ruined a camera, no problem, saved the chip. duPlooy's Jungle Lodge was "life altering." Our tour guides were so knowledgeable on everything from flora, to birds to Mayan culture. Wouldn't change a thing. Tropic Air was flawless in the flight to San Pedro. Banana Beach was beautiful and located at the perfect place. Amigo del Mar divers were top notch. Met some wonderful people along the way. Thanks so much for creating a perfect vacation. We'll be back when its time to venture to the southern part of Belize. "
- Wayne and Cyndee, Reading, PA

"Thank you so much for all the work you put into arranging our trip to Belize. We had a great time! You made things very easy for us. The "Welcome to Belize" packet was very helpful. It was nice having all the details pre-arranged. We would certainly use your services again and will recommend you to friends. I think we may go back to Belize next year, but modify things just a little. We might like to spend a little time on the mainland and visit some of the more impressive Mayan ruin sites. Then after a few days, we could go out to one of the Cayes for the diving part of the trip. Ramon's was a great place to stay. The dive team was very helpful and I had a great week of diving. It was a wonderful adventure and we appreciate your putting it all together for us! Thank you!"
- Wayne and Kathy, Chippewa Falls, WI

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